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Working at Data Access Europe according to Henri Reterink, Software Developer:

"Working at DAE brings a healthy mix of both business and pleasure. While everyone works hard and the projects are significant, there’s always time for a little fun on the side. The best example I can give of this is right after I began my job at Data Access Europe. I had been told by several people that DAE is a great place to work at: a light, pleasant atmosphere, fun activities, etc. My first week turned out to be a little different: starting a training, immediately get assigned to a project and learn the ins and outs of the in-house software. Everything seemed to be a whole lot more serious than I had anticipated! Fast forward 2 weeks later and there I am riding my motorcycle into the building’s service elevator to record our famous Kingsday video in our chillroom!"

 “There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” ― Oscar Levant

Who we are

Software development and database solutions are our core business. We provide tools, skills and services that support this in the broadest sense, including UI-, UX- and graphic design, and specialized video productions to present software solutions online.

Under the DataFlex® brand, we design, develop, and market advanced products for building business software faster, more efficiently and at less cost.

Our community of talented developers focuses on building exceptional business software with DataFlex. With a culture of open communication, contribution, collaboration, knowledge and resource sharing, the global DataFlex community is active 24/7.

Throughout every year, a series of events across the globe brings the DataFlex community together face-to-face to learn the latest DataFlex technology, grow relationships and share knowledge in an informal environment that always includes an element of fun!